Saturday, 20 August 2016

Immaculate Medical Equipment Sterilization with Plasma Sterilizer

Medical equipment and instruments are sterilized thoroughly to avoid all kinds of infections. Plasma sterilization is one of the latest and best techniques that are applied for the process. A plasma sterilizer is required for it and the medical equipment is put in the device for complete sterilization. Medical equipment unsuitable for low temperature sterilization cannot be sterilized via this system.
Infections are not uncommon in the medical industry. In fact instruments and equipment which have not been sterilized and disinfected in a proper manner lead to grave infections, even causing death of patients. To combat such issues successfully, different kinds of sterilization techniques are being implemented. Plasma sterilization is one of the most effective and highly used technique for sterilizing medical equipment and instruments with low temperature. And for this, a plasma sterilizer is needed with the help of which this sterilization process can be carried out. Hospitals, nursing homes as well as outpatient departments (OPD) now have sterilization machines installed so that risks of infections can be minimized.

Plasma Sterilizer Machines

Plasma technology behind sterilization
It is important to understand the technology that makes this kind of sterilization so very effective. Plasma is a gas-like substance, which contains electrons and positive ions. Basically for sterilization process, hydrogen peroxide gas plasma is used. Hydrogen peroxide is extremely reactive in nature and turns into a gaseous state when it is vaporized. To this gaseous state, an electric field is applied. The gas ionizes and electrons and positive ions are generated. This is the gas plasma. A free radical is also formed during this stage. The setup of plasma sterilization is ready. When infected and used medical instruments are placed in the chamber, the process of purification and disinfection begins immediately. Inside the plasma sterilizer, the entire process is carried out and sterilization takes place in the best manner and the cycle is quick compared to other low temperature sterilization methods.

Sterilization of different sensitive devices
The implementation of plasma technology in sterilization is greatly useful for instruments and equipment that are heat sensitive and moisture sensitive. Some examples of such devices include cameras, scopes, light cords etc. and other kinds of sensitive medical equipment. There is a specific temperature range in which plasma sterilization takes place in the best manner – the temperature remains between 104°F - 131°F.or 50-60°C.Aeration is just not required in this process and it has proved to be secure and safe. Once the sensitive instruments come out of the sterilizer, they are absolutely safe for use without risks of any kinds of infections taking place from them.

Investing in high quality sterilization device
Since sterilization has a very important role in the medical industry, it is important to choose the right kind of sterilizer for the same. Investing in a plasma sterilizer is a great idea as it provides high quality sterilization without any kinds of complaints. There are many companies that manufacture such sterilizers and Moonmed deserves a special mention(see the MoonMed website at: ). Before purchasing the device, check the warranty offered by the company so that you get coverage in case something goes wrong with the device.  

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